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Viral Keratitis
  Viral keratitis is affected by the virus to cause disease caused by the original infection corneal inflammation. Shallow has the rich corneal trigeminal nerve endings, so the disease often have obvious stimulating signs, photophobia, and tears, have ache. The cornea is transparent, once the sick, the transparency of the change, the patient often complained of inspect content fuzzy. The general trigeminal nerve disease, the areas of infringement is deep, the feeling decline, but for inflammation of the cornea adjacent tissue lesions stimulation, thus stimulating symptoms still more obvious. Viral keratitis, a long course of diseases, prognosis and easy relapse. Often may be associated with grape membrane reflect, appear even iris inflammation, the anterior chamber product 31 pus, or secondary glaucoma, is more common clinical blind eye disease one.

  Western medicine think this disease to herpes simplex virus is a common disease of the original; Shingles virus take second place; And in the vaccinated against smallpox virus infection caused by accidents cornea; Also have virus infection and disease by glands. When the body resistance drops, like the cold or heat and so on, it is the disease is the inducing factors.

  The diagnosis basis, herpes zoster virus infection, it is along the trigeminal nerve endings with temporal distribution, in eyelid all skin and temporal process, herpes ribbon beads, and to have the same side of the eye as the characteristic, general cutaneous lesions never beyond center line. Herpes simplex virus causes the disease, often in a cold or high fever, usually have a quarrel or nose appeared herpes simplex department. Vaccinia viral keratitis, vaccination or contact with vaccines for history. In the above three corneal often submit dentrites keratitis, gradually after often occur ulcer, serious cases is often cause iris reaction, iris inflammation, cornea in case after check the slit lamp is gray sediment, or even anterior chamber product pus. Ulcer surface expand, can show the disk or map shape, a few cases can also cause corneal perforation, or grapes. Secondary glaucoma corneal swelling, eventually lead to blindness. But for the disease to adenovirus of the disease, often encroachs corneal matrix, cheng pointlike invade shallow green, generally do not form ulcer, after inflammation disappeared, often also leave pointlike scar.

  In this western medicine treatment, commonly used antiviral eye drops, with antibiotic eye drops, to prevent bacteria or fungi secondary infection, iris reaction, the expansion of the pupil with medicine. The whole body, the decline in physical or easy to be cold, often with the increase of immune drugs.

  The Chinese medicine called "together", the star disabled see black eye disease, the rotor a star, or "together, or spread clusters is arranged, once the star," burst confluent, show the tree image, traditional Chinese medicine is also called "flower" white trapped ". The disease because of lung, liver fermented by the wind, the wind complex and fire to attack on fan, in the rotor completely, also have liver and spleen in damp and hot, fumigation with black eye to warm. Common photophobia tears, pain, depending on the paste in future not more, black eye "disabled, depending on the paste left lifelong. If the wind made, and its internal heating, often be with the wind, heat, scatter if liver and spleen in damp and hot, rise in orders and cross, for the disease, the hair on the wet carambola detoxification. "back. The treatment of this disease, if the pupil tight little, also need to cooperate with application of the pupil water eye ophthalmic expansion western medicine, in case the pupil tight little of the lesion. The disease often caused by weak body functions, so the disease recurrence patients should be in usually pay attention, in case the pathogenic cold. More recently, some scholars to the pathological changes of the depth of the dialectical cubic, shallow to to breeze heat; Located in the middle, with heat of poison wet; Lesions involving the pupil, god is clear liver stomach for the fire.

  Lee's eye for viral keratitis understanding and treatment effect reporting:

  We think the cornea from anatomy more accord with the characteristics of the skin, will this new concept applied to traditional Chinese medicine "five rounds in theory", he has set a about "lee's eye" for the understanding of the disease and independent keratitis treatment system, take internal and external furthermore, and get a good effect.

  Our to accelerate the is based on the family secret basis, through continuous innovation, improved developed a "bright eye the magic of the refund the curative effect of external use special ointment, we named keratitis", "for which haven, SL keratitis of it is very good, especially in clinical corneal matrix of the inflammation caused by the use of vision loss, can have the effect of after establishs lever in clinical use. Because the drug medicinal properties, patients with the method of very strong feelings after sex, so request the patient must go to the us by observation.

  HaoWei, male, 38 years old, now lives in shaanxi YanLiang red flag building, phone: 13201531573. The patients in the age of 8, when in xian keratitis with an eye hospital, because at that time for by medical conditions, the doctor for frozen treatment, because the patient was young and not cooperate and treatment process is very painful, hence give anesthesia, every time when treatment is the family spent their days in tears, but the treatment, but the results are not obvious, patients still fell sharply, vision only remaining eyes of manual vision. The DuoFang about family, find was in xian city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine as director of the LiShuangCheng doctor-eye. Dr. Li in the eyes of ancestral ointment point, and with Chinese medicine treatment. January time, his vision of miracle returned to normal after the pilot test, in, and the smooth through, and now YanLiang aircraft manufacturing company in shaanxi province become a test pilot.

  Strict * *, xian radio announcer, the famous in 2006 because of keratitis, of being introduced to a doctor, I place at that time come with eye sight, also is only index only see a few fingers, we found that the cornea after check matrix severe swelling, which to light the permeability of reduced significantly, and therefore, the damage to eyesight a corneal epithelium. Significantly, the diagnosis of "dyeing corneal inflammation," the matrix with "SL," two days later, combined with Chinese traditional medicine, restore vision oral miracle to 0.8, and this is what we cannot think of traditional Chinese medicine, and to oral. After repeated again in 2007, not telephone follow-up, there is still busy abnormal, in their work.

  In the eye in the keratitis belongs to eye diseases, oral Chinese medicine is fundamentally eradicate disease only way, although topical drugs can have immediate effect, but we think, thoroughly cure for the disease, must be integrated with the traditional Chinese medicine treatment. TCM syndrome differentiation of ophthalmology in wind hot, hot and damp and hot is given priority to, such as drug normally with thin to divert the outer wind, qingrejiedu, heat to use, such as wet in the disease have repeated attacks of characteristic, we take "except" approach, diarrhea outside in the treatment often also to take "the late for" methods, improve the healthy atmosphere of the patient's own functions, to resist attacks, is the so-called "vital qi, evil shall not do" memory.

  A group of king, male, 51 years old, BinXian shaanxi, tel: 13759726434. The patients in 1993's viral keratitis in xian, each big hospital treatment, the effect is very small, turn to the first people's hospital (now xi xi "an eye hospital), ready to do cornea transplant surgery in the ward, during be in hospital, and chat room that professions, cornea transplant surgery's chances of success is not very high, and reassure operation idea. After the introduction of a after to the medical treatment, in our more than 40 days in hospital, after LiShuangCheng director of careful treatment, the illness is reduced greatly, patients, the most delighted after home sick, and forget eye had friends, another attack gaily illness, and hospitalized more than 20 days, healed, and has not seen attack.

  LiangXi printing, female 40 years old, live in xian BeiGuan, phone: 029-86244313, in patients with 20 years ago (oral), was diagnosed with "viral keratitis", because at that time designated medical units is SiYiDa in the treatment, xian, disease control, not long after DuoFang patients healed, has run to xi 'an surrounding suburban county, weeks to wait, but HuXian, were not good treatment effect, patients have been red, swollen eyes, cannot open, very uncomfortable, the last embrace a glimmer of hope, to the hospital at the time LiShuangCheng director (xian), director of the eye in careful treatment, the condition improved obviously, 08 June to come to my place of the art director chatty, praise, and said in an mouth since was ill never attack.

  ZhuJinGong, male, 28, xian building university of science and technology, the phone: live 029-81827528. The patients in 2006 March 7 days we here to double jealous, itching, photophobia, tears symptoms, and both the good hair, had previously in xi "an eye hospital diagnosis for" viral keratitis, all eyes "eye drops points no effect, of being introduced to us. Come binocular vision: right eye 0.15, 0.6, by our left eye with fluorescence staining check, corneal epithelium large area, the local color is also seen as part of the ulcer surface, light quality coating on the tongue, white greasy, fine, smooth pulse condition to clear liver healing tcm.based yiqi bright eye (slightly), 10 days after formulas, patients self-conscious symptom relief, examination corneal ulceration has healing, but there are still a diffuse shading, continue to take medicine, a month later, the left eye dyeing has completely disappeared, corneal clear and transparent, the visual acuity to 0.8, right before treatment is better, improve eyesight also have to 0.25, this time the basic condition, but patients get control right eye is still not comfortable. Continue to adhere to, with Chinese traditional medicine, on June 28, we check right eye sight have to to 0.4, but his patients weak constitution, whenever feeling, eyes illness aggravating, we adjust prescription, complete with appropriate for spleen yiqi drugs, at the end of the time, his condition has most healed, the last time we here to check sight, time is on May 12, 2007, has reached 0.8 right eye, 1.0, we also left eye really feel some relief.

  By that time, viral keratitis can be cured, but to patients have the persistence. Eat Chinese traditional medicine, for each is a very painful thing, but only to the virus from the internal body completely clear, eyes get the liberation of forever!

  High power, a shandong TengZhou young patients, 24 years old, his father a start to embrace the attitude we dubious, for fear that YaoKuan hit medicine can't sent to, so that the child's illness and the delay time, then young man his expenses for medicine to call, we have sent out half a month after taking the drug, getting better, and the mail again half a month of medicine. On September 12,, medicine has basic serving out, the father and his son personally take the train to our clinics, I found that patients in addition to check conjunctival congestion and some outside, corneal already basic back to normal, only in matrix leave a little thin layer, charged the clouds, to prevent illness after taking medicine to continue, adding some other strengthen patient immunity, the reasonable drug compatibility, patients with drugs to go home. The patients, please call 13173326559

  Recently (October 2007) we here during the National Day of treatment in patients with many through western medicine, treatment, but usually we here to look at the time, have already missed the best treatment period, and the most serious is, the western medicine, after treatment, has already fallen for a serious complication-corneal spot. Why would it be falling "this kind of disease? This should from the western medicine treatment for the disease of western medicine at present, so a few points of HSV keratitis treatment of: for the general bacteria with antibiotics such as gentamycin, etc.; For the general caused by fungus with antifungal drugs, such as damien duff kang, etc.; To caused by virus generally with the antiviral combined with other performance-enhancing drugs, such as acyclovir, LuoWei and dexamethasone, etc. We know, the virus has a strong variability, when an antiviral drug drafting the growth of the virus after, it will mutate into a kind of, as cold virus samples, therefore, the treatment of viral keratitis is difficult to use a drug with full treatment, but at present the good antiviral drug, therefore, the doctor in limited with antiviral drugs at the same time, often with hormonal drugs, once use such drugs, with symptoms (such as fear of light, tears, pain, etc.) will soon relieve, patients often also by appearances, thought to be blinded by illness get control, in the good development, what does not know the way, as for with fire weakened in the furnace was added in the new coal, long illness will again attack, the doctor in order to control the illness, continue to give patients hormone, round and round, the amount of hormone is more and more big, the patients took a drag, not as withdrawal, once out of service, condition, this is we immediately attack on drug addiction medicine of. The more terrible also behind.

  Long-term use of hormone, can lead to obesity, full moon sex hormone face. And can lead to the loss of calcium, cause body bone SuSong sickness and so on, in the eyes of the most obvious cause cornea is reflected in metabolic disorders, form ", is my corneal spot above said those to come round to see a doctor in patients painful disease, a shandong LinYi (sound) is the call WangChuanBao patients, I am here to come when the examination left eye only to save index, left eye cornea is covered with thick spot ", after my Chinese medicine therapy, now hormone drugs have out of service, in stable condition. Another call the ChenJie in nanjing, jiangsu patient, and WangChuanBao almost the same disease treatment experience, is similar. Slightly more former good eyesight was only 0.1, but also just to us here, has not yet accepted treatment; At least with hormone quantity, time also is the shortest patients to a child of lanzhou, whose name was FuZongJie, 13893258978 (father), in our telephone to eat before we open here has 15 days of traditional Chinese medicine, said condition improved obviously, to check the visual acuity of the right eye after we here for 0.25, now after 20 days of treatment and medication, vision has come back after 0.8. For example, three, want to accept that are currently in western medicine warned of patients treated for the application of hormone, must careful!!!!! , otherwise, you will be faced with western medicine the doctor to your last a choice-cornea transplant, as for the consequences can be imagined!

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