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Pulp permeability of
  The pulp is of central serous chorioretinopathy choroidal retinal degeneration of the abbreviation, is due to the retina pigment epithelium function damage, the formation of macular or retinal neuroepithelial limit bureau near sexual grout sex from the common characteristic of macular disease. The disease in China, more than 90% higher incidence of monocular around eyes, there is no difference. In for a slurry self-limited disease, most in three to six months to recover, the prognosis is good; But some of the easy relapses, often delay of course, DuoCi after repeatedly in the formation of a wide range of pigment epithelium secondary change, result in permanent vision loss.

  The exact causes of this disease, it is far from clear. Because often mental stress, fatigue, colds and lack of sleep induced. In recent years, through the fundus fluorescence angiography macular area found a fluorescent leakage, confirmed that the disease is due to the retinal pigment epithelium damage and capillary permeability increase choroidal be caused by. Recent Hayaski indoles green with angiographic think the disease may be deep inflammation of the blood vessels fovea.

  The common clinical manifestations are: (1) the vision loss: the degree of vision loss and the weight of the age-related macular degeneration (amd) concerned. If the eye for face generally not be less than 0.5 bare eye sight, the most bad not less than 0.2, often appear + 0.50 ~ + 2.50 temporary farsightedness, the course of early eyeglasses to 1.0 available. Delay of course or DuoCi relapses, can cause permanent vision problems. (2) the center point: the center of the eyes dark consciousness a grey or dark grey circular shadow sight, look at goal from see not pure objective things, and the goal of the next thing. But clear This is the relative says with macular dark spots. (3) the disease and inspect content deformation concern: the inspect content decreases and inspect content bending deformation. For macular edema, the retinal cones gap increase and arrangement caused by irregular. (4) the fundus changes: ophthalmoscope checks visible macular about 1 ~ 3 PD size, boundary clear the disk grout sex neuroepithelial from area. From the area and darker, around the halo, concave reflective center disappear. After a few weeks of the most visible from the area of scattered yellowish-white small point calm. Recovery under the retina effusion absorption, concave reflective recovery center, but still remain glossy in small yellow dots and mild pigment disorder. (5) fundus fluorescent element angiography see: in the artery or vein of early, macular area appears one or several high fluorescence leak after, as time goes on, leak expands gradually increase. With pigment epithelium grout sex from, in the artery early have fluorescence outline the pigment epithelium of the scope of the slurry from, as imaging process strengthen gradually its brightness continue to later period, but its size, form, unchanged when normal fluorescence retreat after the fovea are still visible. Pigment epithelium of chronic disease, imaging loss when window sample defect in the visible high fluorescence.

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