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Frequent Blinking
  In normal circumstances, everyone will appear at the phenomenon, this is a kind of physical, protective involuntary movement. But if the children appear not independently frequent blink, appear even corners of the mouth twitched, that it's not normal phenomenon, but the pathological conditions.

  Frequent blink symptomatic and spontaneous generally fall into two kinds, the former is some eye disease or systemic disease, such as shallow keratitis, dry eye syndrome, chronic conjunctivitis, trachoma, overturned within lashes or tapeworm sickness and so on, these caused, as long as the cause for treatment, frequent blink can be eliminated; If the department is spontaneous the reason of itself of the eyelids, in treatment is caused by a little, USES the orbicularis, facial nerve closed and drug treatment have certain curative effect, but sometimes not very satisfied. Also TCM holds that this kind of spontaneous at the children had to junk food, food festival to insufficient, blood deficiency of liver blood born wind; Or liver and kidney Yin deficit, in XuHuo move; The spleen deficiency or gas trapped, landing disorders, the presented with angelica huoxue soup, or of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia soup, or fill in beneficial gas soup, fat son shot by differentiation of addition and subtraction. In addition, psychological treatment is also the essential link, in addition to giving fully understand and love, don't beat and scold the child, and avoid excessive excited children and fatigue, and will guide children participate in more recreational sports activities, in order to promote children get well soon.

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