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Early Cataract
Lens opacity and influence sight called cataract.

  Cataract performance for progressive and painless vision loss. Most cataract causes find no fault, sometimes exposed to X-ray or intense sunshine, inflammatory eye disease, certain drugs (such as corticosteroids) can cause cataract. In addition cataract can also is other diseases, like diabetes complications. Cataract sees more at old people, but have birth have namely the cataract (congenital cataract).

   early symptoms cataract

  Because in the eye rays of light into must pass a lens, if the lens stop light, or make consumers into light slants song, diffusion all can affect vision. Eyesight affected degree depends on the opacity of the site and the density of the lens (cataract maturity).

  In the bright light, the light of the eye pupil narrowing, narrow channels, more likely to stop light into cataract. Therefore, many cataract patients in bright light more poor eyesight. And the light occur around halo, glare and scattering the light. When cataract patients from the shadows into the bright environment, or in the bright lights when reading blurred vision, particularly evident. Also suffer from glaucoma and cataract patients, with shrinkage in drops of the pupil medicine for the pupil narrowing, after eyesight also will be obviously decreased.

  Located in the rear lens capsule cloudy (under) in bright light cataract for visual effect is heavy. Because the lens is very light after only road, the more likely to damage cataract vision.

  There is a nuclear type of cataract (from the lens of center), early start opacity may manifest as JinShiLi improve, its reason is nuclear type of cataract increased ability to focus the lens, see close object appear more clearly. Most old people for old depending on the watch close objects have difficulty, in the early stages of the cataract with after, to their surprise, they don't wear reading glasses can also read, this phenomenon is commonly called the second sight.

  Although general cataract for painless, but a few patients because of the lens can be swollen and make increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma), appear eye pain symptoms.

   cataract early diagnosis and treatment of

  The doctor by funduscopy (a kind of used to examine the eyeball of internal instrument) can find cataract. The slit lamp microscope, doctors can further understand the opacity of the exact location and lens cloudy degree. General cataract patients can be decided when to make to excise an operation. If she had felt safe, not to adapt and can't do daily work, can consider to do cataract through. If she had felt everything is normal, life work not be affected, but of short duration not the operation, early surgery and no advantages.

  In the decision before surgery, cataract patients should complete other inspection. Perhaps wearing glasses or contact lens can increase vision. For no glaucoma cataract patients, the use of the pupil expansion agent may help improve eyesight. In the bright light wear sunglasses, use reflective light and not point-blank light also can reduce the light scattering.

  Any age cataract patients all can surgery, and generally do not need to anesthesia, also need not spend the night in hospital. In the operation, the clouded lens is removed, it generally need to implant a medal plastic crystals or silicon crystal (artificial crystal), if not be artificial lens implantation, while more of the postoperative patients need to wear contact lens. If there is some reason can't wear contact lens, the patient also can try with glasses, but this ordinary common glasses is very thick, look at things may deformation.

  Cataract surgery, universally generally quite safe. In rare cases, surgery can happen intraocular infection and bleeding, these complications can seriously affect vision. For old people, the special situation should be arrangements in advance, the days rest at home and give care. Postoperative could also be used for several weeks, and apply the eye drops or to prevent infection, anti-inflammatory and promotes wound healing. In order to prevent injury, and postoperative patients can wear glasses or metal mask until wounds to heal fully, general should wear eyewear with protection for several weeks. The second day after by doctors should check, then in six weeks after every 1 ~ 2 weeks to review a.

  Sometimes several weeks to several years after, artificial crystal rear capsule film can appear muddy, this kind of situation can be used laser treatment.

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