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Optic atrophy
optic atrophy overview

  Optic atrophy for optic nerve fiber denaturation performance, the main symptoms for ision loss and videodisc pale. Lesions located in the retina, involving the ganglion cells, can appear to intracranial direction by the retina happened, called uplink atrophy of optic atrophy, and videodisc atrophy signs generally appear quickly; Lesions located in optic nerve, depending on the cross and depending on the beam, can cause to the development direction of intracranial atrophy, called the downside of optic atrophy, usually around by 1 ~ 3 months later, the DVDS just appear atrophy signs.

   optic atrophy classification

  Clinically from general on the exterior of the DVDS, a distinction as primary (pure sex) optic atrophy and secondary depending on the sexual neural atrophy two kinds.

  (a) primary (pure sex) for optic fiber optic atrophy: degradation, and glial cells arranged DiCi direction along the degradation fiber filling, general is as the ball on the optic nerve, after period of pressure, or see damage, inflammation, modified or blood supply caused by obstacles. All clinical and some atrophy is divided into two kinds, the former the DVDS are white or grey, all edge tidy, physiological sag mild caved in, USES a small point clearly visible, and around a normal retinal retinal vessels, no white scabbard. Common in not have intracranial pressure with the brain tumor, such as pituitary tumor, craniocerebral trauma (base), quinine or bone fractures and the absolute glaucoma methanol poisoning of; The latter according to the optic nerve damage and varies, depending on the site for the nipple temporal half pale or nasal side half a pale, especially with temporal side most common, because half pale from this side of the optic nerve dish spot beam into most easily involvement, common in the ball after optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis and so on, but in the side of the temporal normal DVD nerve fibers is fine, blood vessels, the less light, so the color slightly at diagnosis must be combined with vision changes to decide.

  (2) secondary optic atrophy: for the optic nerve fibrosis, glial and connective tissue mixed caused by filling the DVDS. Late that happens at the DVDS edema or DVD, DVD after inflammation for exudate that connective tissue cover, are pale, unclean gray or red to grey, edge is not clear, physiological sag fuzzy or disappear, USES a small point, see not, and artery thinner, vein stenosis, and blood vessels can have bent around white scabbard with, is for optic neuritis type atrophy (neuritiaatrophy). Retinopathy caused by the widespread degeneration, a la the DVD yellow. Common diseases have occult pigment degeneration, diffuse choroidal retinal infection such as edge, not clear, blood vessels is very fine, for retinal type atrophy (retiniticatrophy).

  Why is the white color the DVDS, some people think is caused by the DVD capillary disappear, eye fluorescence angiographic and histological examination are not support this kind of explanation, in recent years that this is due to the lack of can deliver light transparent neuraxial, all incoming light is covered by the DVDS of the surface of the opaque glial reverse out.

   optic atrophy cause

  1. Glaucoma.

  2. Retinal ganglion cells nerve fibers or disease.

  3. Inflammation.

  4. Optic neuropathy and videodisc edema.

  5. Some drug poisonings.

  6. Gliomas.

  7. Genetic disease.

   optic atrophy symptoms

  Have different levels of center ision loss or loss and visual field defects.

  The DVDS state clearly, the surface to reduce or lose, DVD capillary pale colour, narrow retinal vessels; These signs in primary optic atrophy, and videodisc state is not clear, the DVDS physiological sag, from the surface of the DVD disappear glial tissue expansion to retinal vascular blockage of the surface of the DVD, and make the DVDS pale in the secondary optic atrophy.

   optic atrophy check

  In the early diagnosis of optic atrophy, simply, to judge from the DVDS appearance is sometimes difficult to make conclusions, the color and the edge because the DVDS in normal variation is very big, such as shortsighted videodisc color more face a little white eye, the baby and a slightly white, other adults anemia and leukemia patients without shrinking, also a DVD of the normal white, far-sighted videodisc edge some people also not clear, so some people think that the DVDS on the edge of the number of how many small vessels, judge whether the diagnosis of optic atrophy, this small blood vessels some help (it is to point to distinguish artery or vein not the normal person can have) 9-10, such as reducing article to seven under article, it may be optic atrophy. With no other red light ophthalmoscope check eye, and normal optic nerve fibers were white fine line shape, the optic nerve fiber atrophy, often with a mixed and disorderly the speckled. View more than change for centripetal narrowed, especially in the surrounding the vision happen, side also has started to peripheral vision appeared, and then to the center wedge defect expansion, eventually forming the centripetal narrow one. In addition to the pathological changes of different, passable appear all sorts of different shapes of visual field defects or the dark spots.

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