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Macular Degeneration
  1, what is old macular degeneration?

  Older macular degeneration is a kind of increase along with the age and the rise in incidence rates and led to the disease had significantly reduced vision. It happened in the fundus of macular lesion, often a first look at the end, eyes involvement. Older macular degeneration of the exact pathogenesis is not clear, but most people think and retinal pigment epithelium metabolic function decline has the very big relations, in older people pigment epithelium cells function recession is common phenomenon.

  2, the elderly macular degeneration of the eye? What are the symptoms?

  Will the disease into clinical atrophic (dry) and exudative (wet sex) two types.

  To dry amd line fundus examination, visible eyes macular symmetry pigment disorder, concave light reflecting disappear, the center of the retina has most yellowish-white sizes of glass film warts, some patients the posterior polar map shape atrophy and a gold foil kind reflect light.

  Sex of wet amd line fundus examination, visible eye department is unclean has slightly gray and mild uplift the degeneration of membrane, new blood vessels from the week has a dark black pigment epithelium, bottom or deep retinal hemorrhage and bright red of shallow retinal hemorrhage, and the blood clots and glass film stread warts. Lesions can have different range, from less than 1 depending on the nipple diameter to affected whole the posterior polar. Bleeding can have serious bleeding, and even formed before the vitreous hemorrhage.

  3, amd their vision of what effect?

  Amd is a serious blind disease. Usually, dry amd occurs more often in over the age of 50, and slow down on the often vision or inspect content deformation. Wet sex amd occurs more often in 60 years or older, often happen suddenly for eye vision obstacle, another one eye normal or in the early stages of disease, and a few years later same happening lesions. Along with the progress of the course, serious can lead to blindness.

  4, amd patients to do what the eye examination?

  In addition to conventional vision, the eye anterior segment check, check in the best after mydriatic, in order to ensure the site, scope, lesions in depth and properties. In addition, the eye is indispensable fluorescent angiographic examination method, other special test such as: optical coherence tomography imaging art, etc.

  5, amd to do eye fluorescence angiography?

  For amd speaking, eye fluorescence angiography can detailed observations of the situation to lesions. To dry amd and fundus fluorescence angiography in the course of the early visible fluorescence, a choroidal late a weak fluorescence. Wet sex older macular degeneration, arterial visible lace shape in radial under the retina, new blood vessels, and later a fluorescent element is leaking, and the obvious fluorescence, bleeding cover late degeneration angiogenesis, the machine scars.

  6, amd how to treat? How to prevent?

  Dry amd no special treatment, present only low vision devices such as: with a magnifying glass or other special type of telescope to vision. Western medicine for wet sex amd, early in the new blood vessels under the macular foveal 200 u m the outside, can use laser photocoagulation closed new blood vessels, in case the film the development of the disease. But with all little. Watch less TV computer, eat fresh fruit and vegetables for macular degeneration, the formation and development of all have good prevention role.

Lee's eye treatment methods and treatment effect

  Through the DuoNian clinical experience in the treatment of the ancients, summarizes method on the basis of our continuous exploration, summed up a series of methods in by differentiation, through the different period, to a different reason with French medicine, and achieved significant results! 

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