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Pigment membrane inflammation
a, pigment membrane inflammation concept >

  Membrane inflammation (also called pigment uveitis) is an eye urgent severe difficult incurable diseases, due to come on urgent, change quickly, repeated attacks; And the emergence of serious complications, the serious influence eyesight, and even blindness and patients have caused great pain. Because the disease causes complex, not a specific therapy, the western medicine is mainly used to hormone therapy, but repeated attacks, the effect is not ideal. DuoNian to us in the clinical use of Chinese herbal medicine in treating uveitis, the effect is very good; We use of traditional Chinese medicine which has certain anti-inflammatory effect, can produce synergy, enhance the curative effect; And in improving clinical symptoms and decrease hormone response in a poor play a positive role in the process, will be able to realize the purpose of curing. As long as we persist in treatment, uveitis is completely treatable.

  Uveitis refers to iris, 31, of choroidal inflammation; Iris and ciliary body supply of blood for iris with large ring, so both often at the same time, and the total called inflammation iris ciliary body inflammation. If choroidal also inflammation, it is known as uveitis. Uveitis is a multiple in young and middle-aged eye disease, sort is various, etiology is very complex, cure is undeserved, can cause blindness in blind eye disease occupies an important place in the world, which has within the scope of the attention. Due to its incidence and recurrent mechanism is not completely understood, so its prevention begins without knowing where to begin, the treatment effect is not ideal. Therefore, to find a reasonable and effective drug treatment, has become an eye field a problems to be solved.

   2, clinical manifestations and diagnostic point

  (a) the uveitis

  1, eye pain, photophobia, and tears, declining eyesight

  2, ciliary congestion or mixed congestion

  3, (corneal opacity, after what thing, is AD cool-headed anterior chamber fiber exudate or anterior chamber product pus

  4, iris swelling, texture is not clear, pupil adhesion
  5, see the whole body lesions with br / > < performance
  (2) after uveitis choroidal inflammation) "(br / >
  1, eyesight serious decline, ision loss depends on the lesion site and vitreous opacity degree. As happened in macular, the serious influence eyesight.

  2, flashy sense, inflammation of the retina caused by stimulating symptoms.

  3, eyesight deformation, for edema or exudate lead to the retina, depending on the cells are arranged by disorders.

  4, fundus examination: visible in the kitchen, retinal edema and fundus bleeding; Patients with eye visible late pigmentation, an evening shape eye, and scar, hyperplastic entity neovascularization, and new blood vessels.

  (3) the uveitis

  When the iris, ciliary body choroidal and simultaneously or successively produce inflammation, called whole of uveitis.

   three, etiology

  Uveitis hair cause of disease and mechanism is very complex, involving trauma infection, such as autoimmune DuoZhong factors. Mainly divided into infectious and noninfectious two kinds big.

  (a) infectious: by the bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsia, parasites BingYuanTi caused by infection.

  (2) the infectious: and divided into exogenous and endogenous

  1, extrinsic: mainly due to the trauma surgery, the content such as rational injury, acid and alkali and medicine, and chemical injury, the blood-eye barrier damage and vascular permeability be caused by.

  2, endogenous: is the main and the most common cause. Immune response and is mainly due to degeneration of tissue, the tumor tissue reaction be caused by.

   4, Chinese medicine theory research and treatment of

  Uveitis etiology, largely due to the invasion, or have internal functions; Many and liver, kidneys, spleen three dirty dysfunction related. Liver is the more chi, liver advocate blood dirty qi, liver begin to understand in the yard, and liver wind hot or the stomach, hot on fire and interference, the kernel, or hobbies eye burn fat GanHou taste a damp and hot, hot, spleen and stomach and steam in the yard, and smoked burning garden, where or ferrite Yin deficiency, disease, liver and kidney Yin Yin long injury XuHuo losses, the inflammation, eye damage, or by eye eye disease spread to nearby tissue in the eye that YuJi context of qi. Blood circulatory disorder and cause disease.

  Uveitis, such as happened before in central namely iris inflammation, similar case of traditional Chinese medicine "small" god of the pupil, the tight in the membrane (i.e. grapes choroidal inflammation), the ownership "cloud move fine", "depending on the faint of disregarding categories such as" opportunities. Traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of this disease, and treatment based on syndrome differentiation.

  At present uveitis, western medicine treatment with hormone, but mainly incurable, easy to again and again. DuoNian to we use traditional Chinese medicine, has obtained the very ideal effect; Because pigment film cause inflammation, clinical symptom complex differ, we in the treatment, according to different clinical features, take different treatment measures. Acute phase, and shall give priority to hot, hot alexipharmic, for activating blood circulation and eliminating stasis. See more ManXingQi liver and kidney Yin deficiency, insufficient, focusing on the liver and kidney, nourish nourish "Yin" clear heat, remove blood stasis, to prevent recurrence. The disease is serious, combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment, the whole body use cortical hormone, timely and effective control inflammation. With Chinese traditional medicine again adjustment, consolidate curative effect, until completely cured.

   five, prognosis and turned over to

  If had uveitis, must be in early in time of treatment, according to complete treatment with Chinese traditional medicine, fight for one-time to cured thoroughly. Acute inflammation timely treatment proper, inflammation, can get control faster restore vision; If cure is undeserved, repeated attacks, lingering not more, cause serious damage, and even blindness, vision loss of labor force, and quality of life.

  Because uveitis lost to the disease, can cause many or complications, result very serious. Corneal degeneration, such as ribbon cataracts, macular edema and DVD, macular surface plait grain appearance change, corneal edema, glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc. So timely and effective treatment, can prevent these complications.

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