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  Ophthalmoplegia including intraocular JiMaBi and eye JiMaBi outside. The eye muscle that is, which can adjust the function, cycloplegic refraction if the eye JiMaBi, look at things is not clear. The eye has a free eye muscles turn role, attached to the eye wall of article 6 by move the eye muscles (the first Ⅱ), pulleys (the first Ⅳ) and outreach (the first Ⅵ) and cranial nerve disposal. The cause is the cause of the eye JiMaBi brain or around the eye diseases, such as inflammation, vascular lesions, trauma, poisoning, tumor, when these causes damage move the eye, pulleys, outreach and eye muscle movement neural occurs when the Ophthalmoplegia, and send oculomotor disorders and pupil comes loose shrinkage, appear abnormal function of strabismus and diplopia, eye movement nerve damage can be divided into the surrounding type, and nuclear karyotype of the three kind of on.

   Ophthalmoplegia inspecting points >

  (a) peripheral lesions Ophthalmoplegia performance for eye movement), bosseyed and diplopia.

  DongYanShenJing complete paralysis,. Appear blepharoptosis caused, the eye, the expansion, the light reflex reaction and regulate disappear. With the eye is inclined of internal rectus paralysis, lateral rectus lose inhibitory effect caused by. With the eyes are not up, down or to move within, but still could slightly to the movement, the oblique because the reason it is normal. The pupil expansion is shrinking because the pupil fiber caused by paralysis. And because the cause of lens paralyzed cycloplegic refraction adjustment disorder, so that myopia fuzzy.

  Blocks nerve (oblique) complete paralysis, eyeball skewed more not obvious. With eyes down and outreach motion decreases, so only when the patient to look down and outside to have diplopia, on high down at the floor), the patient was especially diplopia always keep XiaKe down, face turned to the side, the lateral head health care side position. Separate blocks nerve palsy are rarely seen.

  Outreach nerve paralysis, with eye safety happened because of lateral rectus esotropia, paralysis, inside the rectus lose inhibitory effect caused by. The eye can't outreach, and diplopia.

  Move the eye; Pulley and outreach neural merger completeness, produce complete paralysis upper paralysis, eye fixed, looking straight ahead, each direction all can't, pupil in all light and adjust reactions, disappear.

  (2) karyotype karyotype Ophthalmoplegia disease characteristics of: (1) to move the eye and for neural nuclear sex attack all pulley is bilateral sex, but often asymmetry. (2) with a more adjacent tissue damage, such as DongYanShenJing nuclear damage with all the damage of the medial longitudinal fasciculus, appear in the eye, and outside muscle paralysis and two eye homonymous movement disorders. Outreach neural nuclear damage, associated with facial nerve the knees, the trigeminal nucleus and medial longitudinal fasciculus damage, and appear of the outside of the trigeminal nerve palsy, exhibition, in both eyes homonymous movement disorders. 8) selectively only damage the function of the upper part of produce so-called separability eye flesh paralyzed. (4) the bilateral pupil can appear light reflex disappear, and adjust still exists reaction.

  (3) the pathological changes on nuclear type nuclear type Ophthalmoplegia, produce two eyes joint movement disorders, eyes can't collaborative up, down or to one side, says turning at attack. The most common is the two eyes to the left or right homonymous gaze attack and two eyes homonymous vertical movement attack two types.

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