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Children Amblyopia
  Children amblyopia hair cause of disease, birth, also have the tile. Many diseases can cause children amblyopia, such as strabismus, malnutrition, correct refractive error of congenital cataract, etc.

  Children amblyopia by serious degree can be divided into three degrees, corrected visual acuity was 0.6 ~ 0.8 for mild amblyopia, corrected visual acuity was 0.2 ~ 0.5 for moderate amblyopia, corrected visual acuity 0.1 or 0.1 following for severe amblyopia. Amblyopia is a treatable diseases, it occurs mostly in infants and preschool children, the younger, amblyopia the lighter, the treatment effect degree are the better. As parents in daily life, attention should be paid to children watch carefully and see things in children, pay attention to have narrowed eyes, frowning, see things too close, have eyes deflection. When cover one eye was children, whether to have irritability, have against behavior, appear this kind of circumstance, it shall pay close attention in time, and to normal hospital treatment.

  Treatment, and the common methods have amblyopia cover therapy, red filter therapy, family fine work and so on. Adopt comprehensive therapy is more effective than a single therapy. Treatment for a long period of treatment, amblyopia amblyopia cure, may have a relapse, should check regularly. At the same time give children eat more rich vitamin A, B and high zn, high calcium food, such as fish, eggs, soy, kelp, etc, help children will soon be restored to vision.

  Lee's eye for children amblyopia, the treatment:

  (1). MaYi er, male, 10 years old, live in xian city, the hui nationality with 50, golden bridge, 19 August 2005, when our first days in xian city people's hospital has 4 by experts (wang) diagnosis of 1. Left eye optic dysplasia, 2. The left eye, and through the with all kinds of treatment, all did not have good curative effect. Come check the visual acuity of the right eye 1.5, 0.1, two eyes only left eye eyesight can vary considerably.one left eye, the check, macular area sallow, concave reflective color center is not clear, we used in the treatment of monocular amblyopia time is long, the difficulty is very big also, later told the parents, hope it can long-term treatment with, can get satisfied results, and to the ten days, combined with Chinese traditional medicine iontophoresis treatment of oral medicine, 10 days after the left eye sight unexpectedly miraculously, rise to 0.25, a month later, the visual acuity increased to 0.6, the patient and family confidence, and continue to take medical treatment, on November 6, 2005, to review sight have 1.2, this also is that we don't think of! Three years later has not seen patients that visit, is totally recovered, no recurrence




  Pay attention to two points:
  (a), Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of children amblyopia with strange effects of, but we in therapy, and repulsion, through the correct so that patients with eye glasses get sufficient light stimulates, to promote the development of the eye;
  (2), drug therapy of iontophoresis, li, director of the DuoNian is through clinical experience of developed a special used to treat retinal diseases, traditional Chinese medicine preparation for it DuoZhong YanDeBing have very good treatment effect, we in the treatment of amblyopia, also take the treatment, often get irremediable effect.

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