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Achievements in scientific research
1. Ophthalmic drugs
Kai Ming Dan: mainly treat early senile cataract
Sheng Guang Wan: mainly treat children amblyopia
Xiao Zhang Wan: mainly treat optic nerve diseases
Qi Xiao Kang Qing Wan: mainly treat glaucoma, lower intraocular pressure
Tang Wang I: mainly treat diabetic retinopathy
Xiao Xue Capsule: mainly treat retinal vein occlusion caused by retinal hemorrhage, retinal periphlebitis, and so on.
Jiu Jing Dan: mainly treat retinal hemorrhage caused by the retinal vein occlusion
Ning Xue Wan: mainly treat retinal periphlebitis and so on
Zeng Shi Bao: mainly treat optic atrophy, ischemic optic neuropathy and so on
Zheng Xing Wan: mainly treat metamorphopsia caused by central serous chorioretinopathy, central exudative chorioretinopathy and so on
Xiao Zhang He Ji: mainly treat early cataracts and so on
Qing Xiao He Ji: mainly treat acute and chronic conjunctivitis and so on
Ji Ming He Ji: mainly treat corneal macula caused by keratitis
Guang Ming Wan: mainly treat corneal macula caused by keratitis
Tong Ming Eyedrops: treat various external eye diseases, such as chronic conjunctivitis, viral keratitis, trachoma and so on
Tong Guang Eyedrops: treat various internal eye diseases, such as early cataract, uveitis, macular degeneration and so on (the effect of iontophoresis combination therapy is better)

2. Surgical drugs and other branches
New generation of pure herbal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug — Corning
The new drug “Corning” secret recipe holder — Professor Shuang-Cheng Lee was born in a famous physician family. The treatments are continued form generation to generation. Being influenced by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), after graduating from medical university, he started to do TCM research. When he sorted out the family secret recipes, a recipe for treatment of sores and inflammation had aroused his attention. This recipe was great effective on the treatment of the pyogenic skin infection. After improved generation to generation, the beneficial effect increased and was treated as secret in pillow. The drug beginning in 1962 for clinical treatment, had cured several chronic infections hard to heal, and achieved super effect. The pre-clinical observation was started in 1972, and the production process was further improved. The 16 kinds of observational disease were: acute conjunctivitis, facial herpes zoster, chronic apicitis, periodontal abscess, anal abscess, perineal abscess, fungal vaginitis, suppurative skin infections, the glans tubular paronychia, mastitis, burn infection, periodontitis, infection after open fractures, gunshot wounds post inflection, etc. In the treatment progress, the shortest curable duration was three days, the longest was 17 days. The cure rate reached 96.6'. All of the observational cases have been treated in other hospitals using antibiotics without effect. This indicated that the drug is not only effective for bacterial infections but also for virus infection. In the course of treatments, the toxicity or allergy has never been found, and the issue of drug resistance also does not appear.
In clinical observation, the therapeutic efficacy was remarkable
After Corning was found and improved continually, in the early 1990's, we entrusted “Shanxi Province Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute” to do clinical observation for the drug. It is effective to a variety of diseases remarkably after the observations of 300 patients.
The table of effects
of Cases
Obviously Effective
The total number of valid
210 (70')
78 (26')
12 (4')
288 (96')
The table of disease and effect
Number of Cases
Obviously Effective
Effective rate
Herpes zoster
Bedsore infection
Based on the above results, the “Shanxi Province Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute” concludes: “Corning” is the pure herbal preparations based on TCM ancestral secret prescriptions, and adopts scientific methods of extractions. It is one of the new products which can help to keep healthy and treat diseases. The product is antitoxic, bactericidal, antiphlogistic and analgesic. It is effective for eliminating lesions rapidly and promoting tissue regeneration and rehabilitation. For the observation of 300 cases in hospital, the efficiency is as high as 96'. The product is designed reasonably, easy to use, reliably effective, safe and non-toxic. Thus, we propose to develop it as soon as possible, and expand the applications.
Pharmacology and experimental antibacterial reports
On the considerations of the ancestral secret prescriptions’s confidentiality, the holder had no plans to carry out large-scale commercial developments. However, in order to satisfy the therapeutic medication for their several hospitals, the problem legally produced must be solved. In 1996 they entrusted the “Shanxi Province Anti-epidemic Station” and “Shanxi Province Health Products Experimental Identification Center” to do the tests for the pharmacological effects and antibacterial properties of the drug. The experimental results are as follows:
(1). Anti-inflammatory experiments
The results showed that: both large and small dose of the drug can reduce the ear abscess of small mice significantly, indicating that the drug has anti-inflammatory for the auricular inflammation caused by xylene.
(2). Analgesic experiments
The results showed that: both large and small dose of the drug significantly decreased the number of animals writhing induced by stimulating, indicating that the drug has significant analgesic effect.
(3). Quantitative sterilization experiments
The results showed that: when the content is 50', for 20 minutes, 99.922' of staphylococcus aureus, 99.976' of escherichia coli and 99.9856' of white candida albicans can be killed.
(4). Stability experiments
Conclusion: under the conditions of 54 degrees Celsius for 14 days, 50' liquid of the drug, 99.8393 percent of staphylococcus aureus can be killed for 20 minutes.
(5). Acute peroral toxicity tests
Conclusion: after gastric perfusion, the mice were found no unusual, and no one died. Therefore, the maximum amount for a day (MTD) is 12g/kg.
(6). One-time skin irritation experiments
Results and evaluation: after drug-smearing, for the four groups of tested animals, the skin erythema and edema were not found. According to “Sterilize Technical Specifications”, the evaluation of skin irritation is no irritation.
(7). Eyes stimulation experiments
Results and evaluation: four experimental groups did not appear stimulate response, and the control group was also normal. According to the criteria in “Sterilizing Technical Specifications”, it is no stimulation.
(8). Allergic experiments
Results and evaluation: This drug is not allergenic.
The above experiments show that the drug is safe, efficient, stable, unirritable and antimicrobial. Due to the restriction of the objective conditions, it is failure to do anti-virus research. However, since the treatments are rapid and reliable for the diseases caused by herpes zoster, herpes simplex virus, the anti-virus effectiveness is unquestioned.
In the same year, Corning was approved by “Shanxi Province Health Department” ([96] Shan Wei Xiao-NO. 2294). Then, the small-scale production was done, and good results were received in the treatment progress.
New Drug “Corning” has the complete conditions for large-scale productions. The main components and raw materials are reliable. According to the ancestral secret prescriptions and continuous improvements for several decades, the main ingredients of “Corning” are Loulu, phellodendron, coptis chinensis and some other dozen ingredients. The supply of the raw materials is sufficient in China.
 “Corning” is already produced
According to the Shanxi Province Health Department’s approval in 1996, “Corning” has been produced for small quantities and used in clinical treatments, and good reputation was received from patients and doctors. In 1997, “Corning” won the gold medal at the “International Conference on Pain” hold at Los Angeles. “Corning” is a kind of orange transparent gas liquid, extracting by reliable process. It tastes bitter and pungentin and is especially aromatic. There are two kinds of packing, 250 ML glass bottle and 50 ML plastic bottle.
All formulas for the drug industry have agreed to develop.
From the beginning of 1994, we started to mobilize Professor Shuang-Cheng Lee to agree the industrial productions and applications. Thus, the medicine which can change the Chinese medicine condition has the opportunities to be better understood and enjoyed by more people. Thanks to our long-term work, now Professor Shuang-Cheng Lee has agreed the medicine industrialization and deeper developments.
“Corning”, as the Chinese Traditional Medicine, has the properties of high science, advanced technology, clear efficacy and great advantages compared with the similar kind of Western Medicine. It is the expected product for Chinese medicine industry, and it will be certainly welcomed by the market. The impacts that it brings to the market and the traditional Chinese medicine industry are immeasurable.
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