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Retinal hemorrhage
1.Eye on the treatment of bleeding we (medical record, for example)

  Eye of the traditional Chinese medicine with bleeding belong to blind, namely blood vessels (fundus category generally refers to a vein) is broken, and cause sudden blind a critical eye, commonly known as the eyes of the wind. It contains the central (branch vein obstruction), diabetic retinal fovea lesions (sugar nets), vein infection such as retinal diseases around, is a kind of common YanDeBing collectively.

  At present the western medicine treatment is to take laser closed hyperplasia blood vessels, to prevent bleeding, short-term curative effect can't say well, but as flood, only take to the wall, blocked up here, and from other places, as flood not satisfying, and, DuoCi of photocoagulation spot, will lead to the retina to cause permanent damage caused by patients, visual field defects, vision loss, for further treatment brought irreparable be short of regret!

  Traditional Chinese medicine to take blood circulation, regulating qi to change the ShuGan qi double fill treatment such as principle, from the source control the disease, in specific parts that persuation and shunt bleeding patient's own set up "flood storage" of "small reservoir", thus to cure for this purpose, and, through the treatment, patients can get satisfactory restore vision, we have very good treatment and curative effect, available for your reference.

      Retinal hemorrhage photography

Medical record for example:

  (1) CongHuiQin, female, 57, armed police college teachers, xian in October 2006, for high myopia cause central retinal vein occlusion, affected the macular area, vision and vision are subject to serious obstacles to us, because early treatment understand better, find our eye, positive eat Chinese traditional medicine, together with treatment after a month after, his clear vision to expand feeling, the visual acuity, and in other hospital do report, obvious vision again improve with the following two photo, is the comparison of the before and after treatment.

   Eye view before treatment

After we here in a month after treatment

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