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WuYuan Theory
Eye WuYuan theory profile

  Chinese medicine theory is about WuYuan eye, eyes and visceral doctrine, the founder of the eye by lee LiShuangCheng director doctor was established. In 1985, the first national symposium on theory of traditional Chinese medicine eye published by and communication, get the recognition and experts attention. Later in the jiangsu Chinese "2001 clinical research on special, by its students are briefly introduced in 2008, and by the students in the practical medical journal, is used in pigment of inflammation of the membranes experience promotion. The basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and to the development of the study of the theory of the eye, opened up new ideas, to guide clinical practice, which plays an important role, it is also lee's eye to instruct the clinical treatment of difficult eye disease, the core theory.

  1. WuYuan theory according to the relationship between the eyes and inner organs are divided into the central plains: the outside, in the original, the blood, and the inside.

  (1) the original: anatomy of conjunctiva, cornea parts (except in the cortex) and sclera, from the outside of the lung (large).

  (2) the anatomical part: by pigment film, corneal cortex and the anterior composition, in central plains of the spleen (stomach).

  (3) the original: anatomy of the retina, the optic nerve and parts of the eye muscle, which belong to the liver (bravery).

  (4) the original: anatomical part blood for blood circulatory system of the eye, including retinal center vascular system and ciliary vascular system two parts, the blood from the heart (small intestine).

  (5) in the original: anatomy parts of the lens, the back room of the original, and vitreous within of kidney (bladder).

  Through the determination in the parts of the WuYuan eye disease lesions, in dialectical use, can achieve immediate effect, this also is lee's the eye the originality.

  2. Lee's eye "WuYuan doctrine and traditional Chinese medicine eye" five rounds said. "what is different.

  Founded in WuYuan theory of traditional Chinese medicine, guidance the eye before the main theory is "five rounds, but because the ancients said" by historical conditions at that time limit, "said five rounds of the eye" basically reflects the surface and local aspects, and for the eye deep tissue and function, to these organizations lack of understanding of the human body and the problem of the relationship between the inner viscera he was at a loss to know, so there's no correlation elaboration. This greatly limits the development of traditional Chinese medicine eye. For thousands of years, medical person all follow Chinese old lagging development of the eye. Lee's eye according to the basic theory of TCM, and combined with the modern medical irritating to eyes of the physiology, anatomy, organization, embryonic discussion and clinical research, puts forward a set of new theories, make eye and internal related theory to have the further development. In this new theory guidance, make many difficult and eye disease have been an effective treatment.

  3. WuYuan of transmission of change and significance

  WuYuan disease, can JiLiu to a former, long don't understand or heal, also can change the original to another. Generally speaking, is the change from the outside in, this kind of means of transmission of change as the clockwise. The typhoid fever and treated by at least by the sun Yang, Yang, the lunar, less Yin, jueyin or greenhouse gas, health, and the change of the camp, blood quite similar. Also can appear in the inverse of straight or situation, that is, if not by the original and directly in a primary disease, or by inside and the reverse. For example a keratitis, cause pigment membrane inflammation, pigment before membrane inflammation caused the retina inflammation, vasculitis, secondary vitreous opacity and cataract, is the examples of the. Pigment membrane inflammation, involving before cornea, cause all sorts of pathological changes, is the inverse of the example. Observe the changes, the WuYuan for prompt understanding disease, timely prevention, treatment has its important meaning.

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