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  Glaucoma concept: eye the internal pressure-intraocular pressure (depends on the quantity. The eyes of the aqueous is a 31 ciliary tu generation, stored in the eye, the first main function is to supply nutrient eyes. If you can not smooth flow, aqueous is increased intraocular pressure. When more than the eye tissues (iop mainly for the optic nerve) can withstand limit, cause optic atrophy, and cause visual field defects, this is glaucoma.

  Glaucoma is China's eye diseases, the main crowd incidence of about 0.21%-1.64%, above 40 years old crowd is as high as 3.5%, is the main one of blind eye disease;

  Glaucoma cause visual field defects, it is difficult to rely on drug and operation restore;

  If making eye inspection, it was found that have increased intraocular pressure, visual field defects and fundus depending on the cup can be expanded, the diagnosis of glaucoma.

◇Glaucoma harm

  Glaucoma is the most common disease, to one of the blind sex increased intraocular pressure, optic atrophy and visual field defects as a characteristic. In most cases, the optic nerve damage are the main reasons why high intraocular pressure, there are a few cases in normal intraocular pressure, called normal intraocular pressure glaucoma. The clinical feature of diversification although glaucoma, but most important, for the performance of visual function damage decreased vision and visual field defects. Declining eyesight commonly occur in acute high intraocular pressure, declining eyesight is due to high intraocular pressure make early corneal endothelial can't will corneal of water in the normal eduction, corneal epithelium edema happen; Acute continued high intraocular pressure, can make the vision fall to light feeling, this is because of the high intraocular pressure seriously affected depending on the cell's metabolism. Chronic high intraocular pressure and continuous high intraocular pressure caused by the late optic atrophy, and lead to visual field defects. Glaucoma sex optic atrophy is multiple factors, but the main reason is the mechanical oppression and videodisc ischemia. High intraocular pressure make sclera flows backward, through the sieve grand of the optic nerve fiber is squash and stretch, blocking the optic nerve fiber axis pulp flow, high intraocular pressure may cause the DVDS ischemia, increasing the optic nerve fiber damage, and eventually led to the optic atrophy. Because of the field defect has a secretiveness and progressive, especially in primary open-angle glaucoma, for early clinical performance is not obvious or no specificity is not easy to find, once found vision loss and attendance, often already is late, course of visual field defects is severe, and can be reused. So the emphasis on glaucoma found early, timely treatment.

◇How to diagnose glaucoma

  In order to safety and precise reason, eye experts now to make the diagnosis of glaucoma before four factors check. Intraocular pressure, the DVDS of the shape and color, vision, and anterior chamber Angle. The conventional glaucoma check often include the following two: intraocular pressure plan and funduscopy. Plan for measuring intraocular pressure steroid-induced ocular hypertension. Funduscopic used to check the interior of the eyes, mainly is the check disc shape and color.

  If not normal or abnormal pressure optic nerve, the doctor will one to two glaucoma special check:

  If not normal or abnormal pressure optic nerve, the doctor will one to two glaucoma special examination: 1, vision, check.

  2, anterior chamber Angle lens inspection.

  The above tests can easily diagnosis most glaucoma.

   so early diagnosis of glaucoma inspection method

  1, funduscopy check eye;

  2, the computer vision plan view check;

  3, flatten intraocular pressure for test intraocular pressure; 24 hours

  4, slit lamp anterior chamber Angle lens rounds Angle;

  5, the intraocular pressure was;

  6 and proocation tests.

   so glaucoma type

  Glaucoma are two major types: open Angle type and angle-closure.

  Open-angle glaucoma

  Discharge pipe jams gradually increasing caused by this type of glaucoma, progress has been slow, normal amount of aqueous can't eduction, elevated intraocular pressure. Congestion problems occurred in discharge tube, as sinks jams may happen in the inside of the drain. Many open-angle glaucoma patients feel good, have no idea that their changes, open-angle glaucoma also without any warning signs, sometimes called the "be aware of not easily vision of a thief". Such as open-angle glaucoma has not been diagnosis and treatment, it will lead to a small area of vision loss gradually, and not easy be perceived, loss of range expanded step by step until. This type of glaucoma, usually slow to eye drops, eye ointment or drug reaction is good, not the operation indications, appropriate herbal treatment.

  Or acute angle-closure glaucoma
< glaucoma br / >   And open-angle glaucoma completely different, angle-closure glaucoma intraocular pressure usually lifts quickly, increased intraocular pressure is due to discharge pipeline was blocked or are covered, like sink drain was paper or plastic completely cover the same. Acute glaucoma, iris cause acute congestion corner. This kind of person of the iris of the eye without the Angle between the normal so big or open, when pupils dilate too fast or too big, surrounding the iris will cover the discharge tube accumulation, from the obstruction, aqueous channel will appear intraocular pressure lifts quickly. An eye doctor can pass a simple routine check find out whether the abnormal narrow Angle. Iris of the Angle between too narrow in drugs, with expansion of the pupil in the darkness of the room or time is too long, can cause glaucoma. The symptoms of acute glaucoma have serious headache, eye pain, nausea, vomiting, rainbow visual (see light see rainbow around around), serious blurred vision need immediate emergency medical treatment, for acute high intraocular pressure can cause serious and the rapid eye damage.

  Acute glaucoma treatment usually have microsurgery and laser surgery to remove a small piece of uplift the iris. This quickly opened the discharge tube, which allows the excess liquid from the eye. Microscopic surgery and laser surgery is usually a very successful of acute glaucoma and lasting. Even if acute glaucoma has been successful treatment also should undertake regular inspection. Because after DuoNian may also occur, the recovery of chronic glaucoma late optic nerve is the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, because eye surgery is not improving eyesight. < br/patients >

   the other types of glaucoma

  Secondary glaucoma secondary to ocular trauma: can, inflammation or cancer, diabetes, cataract progress period.

  Normal intraocular pressure glaucoma: is a rare type. Intraocular pressure usually is not high, and the optic nerve has been damage.

  Congenital glaucoma: happen in infancy. This kind of rare condition may come from genetic, and within the mother of abnormal discharge tube eyes or not completely the development.

  Lee's eye for all kinds of glaucoma treatment progress and medical record analysis:

  The above is the western medicine for glaucoma point of view and treatment measures, but often in the clinical, we meet the conditions of patients is very complicated, after treatment, still got very good effect.

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